Thursday, September 15, 2011

Another Season of True Blood Comes To An End.....

.....and what an exciting season it was full of crazy witches, lots of bloodletting, many returnees from the dead, a new softer side of Eric (momentarily) and to Pam as well, and in the immortal lyrics of Miranda Lambert...a crazy ex-girlfriend courtesy of Alcide's banishment of Debbie Pelt.  For those who haven't watched the finale or this season should definitely avoid this post since I will freely be talking about what went down this season and how I feel about the set-up for next season.  To give you time to decide if you're ready to talk about the season, here's an assortment of clips from the recently concluded season.

The break-up of Hoyt and Jessica, the Romeo & Juliet of True Blood, was sad to see since he truly loved her and banished his mom for her.  But she's finally getting to experience life since becoming a vampire so I didn't see commitment working for her.  And I truly like her with Jason.  He's really become a better man this season, minus the Crystal/were-panther portion of the season which ended up being a whole lot of nothing except silly, and a more responsible one since becoming a police officer.  The old Jason wouldn't have fessed up to Hoyt about his being with Jessica so his maturity is finally coming through.  Now with the return of Reverend Steve Newlin and his conversion to vampire it opens up interesting issues for Jason that will have big ramifications for next season.

Sam had a tough year with finding his family, which should have stayed missing.  His brother Tommy caused nothing but trouble and while I feel sad for Sam's loss, I'm happy that irritant and his equally repulsive parents are gone.  A storyline that was unnecessary and distracting at least is finally over, except for the revenge that Marcus' pack will have towards Sam and quite possibly Alcide for their leader's death.  I'm intrigued by the possibilities for next season.

Speaking of Alcide, it's about time he kicked Debbie to the curb.  I never understood why he forgave her and he really should have known her hatred/jealousy towards Sookie wouldn't end considering the number of times he went to Sookie's rescue.  And he REALLY should have known she would go to kill Sookie and at least warned her.  I'm happy he finally professed his feelings but I hope he's ready for disappointment since Sookie will always be a fang-banger.  She seems drawn to them even with her momentary break from both Eric and Bill.

Eric showed a different side to himself after being hexed by a witch and became a loving yet docile puppy, which was sweet to see for an episode or two but it became a bit nauseating after awhile.  So I was extremely relieved to get badass Eric back.  He exudes way more sexiness when he has the attitude to back it up and I loved his bloodthirstiness over the last two episodes.  Funny and dangerous at the same time.  I also enjoy the relationship he now has with Bill.  They're both on the same side now and after killing Nan, and finding out there's a price on their heads, they'll need to watch each other's backs.  Plus with Russell Edgington apparently now free there's even more danger for the two of them and all of this has me excited to see what will happen to the boys.

I can't mention Eric without bringing up Pam who also had a rough season with becoming the walking dead and losing her looks.  Her anger over Eric's devotion to Sookie is understandable and she verbalized it beautifully.  There are many times I too get fed up with Sookie and hope that she'll get back in Eric's good graces soon.  If not, I'd love to see her start a relationship with Tara (once we discover the outcome of her gunshot wound) since there was a lot of sexual tension flaring between them in their standoffs.

Arlene and Terry also had some issues this year with their new baby, a scary spirit, and an even scarier doll.  Once that was resolved poor Arlene still couldn't find peace when the spirit of her baby's dead father comes to warn her about Terry's past.  When a dead serial killer comes to warn you about possible evil then you know things must be bad and I feel sad for Terry since he's already been through so much.  I wish him well for next season and the trouble his military buddy has brought him.

Finally, we have Sookie who managed to come back from the dead not once but twice.  Throw in practically every good looking guy in town being hot for her and you can understand why she wants to take a break from trouble for awhile.  Unfortunately, by killing Debbie, trouble is what she's in again and her dismissal of Bill and Eric will be short lived since she'll need them to help clean up.  Sookie will always be a damsel in distress with plenty of men to rescue her and that's what brings us back season after season.

So what did YOU think of this season?  Any complaints or kudos that you'd like to share?  Please comment below, I'd love to hear your thoughts. 

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