Sunday, September 11, 2011

A New Love or An Old Love on Fringe:Season 3 on DVD

For the last few weeks I've been talking about the sci-fi tv show Fringe and finding parts of its most recent season, season 3, correlating to certain things I love about romance novels.  For example, throughout most of Season 3, Peter is in love with who he thinks is Olivia, but it’s actually Olivia from the alternate universe.  When the original Olivia returns, Peter is emotionally distraught, because he realizes that he’d enjoyed spending time with the alternate Olivia.  If you were Peter, what would you do in this situation?  Would you stay with the alternate Olivia or return to the original Olivia who you developed an initial relationship with?

This theme of lost loves has shown up in a few of the romance novels I've read and it's a compelling dilemma.  For me, I'd feel the closest connection to the person I've spent the most recent time with.  They're the person that I'd feel the truest love for.  After all, people change over time and the person you once knew you might no longer really know, especially after being apart from them for so long.  Circumstances change a person, both them and myself and we might not want the same things anymore.

This intriguing dilemma and many others can be found during Season 3 of Fringe.  So don't delay any longer and order Fringe: The Complete Third Season on DVD here today: !

*I have been hired by Warner Bros. WBWord division to promote Fringe: The Complete Third Season on DVD/Blu-Ray.

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