Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Mentalist: The Complete Third Season on DVD

As a reader of many romance novels, I love discovering a man who's observant, remembers things, and is super intelligent.  On the tv show The Mentalist there's just such a man in Patrick Jane.  If you haven't yet discovered this handsome and intelligent man now's the time to introduce yourself to him.  Season 3 of The Mentalist finds Patrick Jane solving mysteries at locations including a racetrack, driving range, gold country and a mixed martial arts match.  Based on Patrick’s experiences in the episodes, which of these locations would you find the most challenging to investigate?  Why?

I think spending time in gold country would be the most difficult.  I tend to lose things in my own home so I can't imagine being in a place where there's even more lost items surrounding me.  Plus, can you imagine all the fortune hunters running around?  Utter chaos!  But if Patrick Jane were with me it would be worth the sacrifice.

Find out for yourself though and pre-order your copy of The Mentalist: The Complete Third Season on DVD here today: !

*I have been hired by Warner Bros. WBWord division to promote The Mentalist: The Complete Third Season on DVD.

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  1. I miss watching The Mentalist!! It's just so hard to make time for TV at college. -sigh-