Monday, September 26, 2011

Fashion Monday Madness

This week's collection of fashions won't be as glamorous as last week without an awards show.  But I've searched high and low to bring you another week of....

The Good....

Helen Mirren again proves why she's British royalty in this deep red cocktail dress that fits her to a tee.  The color goes beautifully with her skin tone and the classy hairdo and minimal accessories add to her regalness.

Liv Tyler goes for the drama in this lacy black ballgown.  The lace pattern is modern and the underskirt keeps it tasteful.  The bit of color from the jewelry adds the right bit of bling to keep her look from being too morbid.  Unlike her more famous dad, this girl definitely knows fashion.

The Bad....

Vanessa Hudgens' trashy Daisy Duke outfit is bad from the top of her greasy-haired head to the toes of her Mad Max boots.  The acid-washed shorts are an even worse blast from the 80's past, with an overall look reminiscent of the opening scenes of Pretty Woman.  Except here, there's no Richard Gere buying her better clothes.

Demi Lovato looks like Vanessa's trashy twin with her torn nylons and ripped too tiny shorts.  Add in the messy hair and overly accessorized vagabond ensemble and it looks as if she just woke up from a nightmare, except it's us who's frightened.

The Ugly....

Actress Marley Shelton looks like she just climbed out of bed too in this ill-fitting translucent bathrobe-inspired dress.  The pattern looks to be recycled from draperies from the 70's and the overall look is reminiscent of an adult film set castoff, definitely not something you'd wear to your movie premiere.

Glenn Close looks to be channeling Wilma Flintstone in this droopy animal covered mess of a dress.  The color is drab as are the boring shoes and purse.  Glenn should be expecting a call from PETA over her cruelty to an animal, but it's us that are truly tortured by looking at this ancient outfit that should have stayed buried in the back of her closet.

That's it for today.  Sound off below with your opinions and join me again next week for another look at celebrity fashion.


  1. Love the choices for Good, Helen Mirren and Liv Tyler do look absolutely beautiful in their outfits :)

  2. Thanks for your comment Sandy! Amongst all the photos I looked at, Helen and Liv were definitely far and away the best. Helen Mirren never ceases to amaze me. At her age she is stunning! Those younger girls could definitely learn a lesson from her.