Friday, September 23, 2011

Supernatural Returns Tonight!!!!

Yes it's true, the Winchester boys are back!  Tonight on the CW we get to see what an omnipotent Castiel is like now that he's become a God.  Will my sweet Dean and his younger brother Sam be able to save Castiel from himself while continuing to fight evil?  Find out tonight on the CW at 8 pm CST!  To get you in the mood, here are some clips from tonight's premiere as well as some clips from the last season.


  1. Whoohoo!!! I'm so freaking excited!

  2. And NIKITA!!! which I just watched and freakinn' loved! It was soooo good. Watchin Supernatural now and I'm pretty sure they just poked fun at the crazy Westboro Babtist Church. Awesome show!


  3. Thanks for your comments! It was a good premiere. I LOVE where they're taking Cas this year and always enjoy the unexpected jokes.

    Never watched this version of Nikita, but LOVED the version back in the 90's on USA Network.