Monday, September 5, 2011

Fashion Monday Madness...the Abbreviated, Holiday Version

Hello all!  With it being a holiday I debated postponing my usual Monday fare, but I enjoy it too much not to bring it to you.  So in consideration of the holiday, here's an abbreviated version of....

The Good....

Diane Kruger looks angelic in this muted yet glittery confection.  The color works beautifully with her skin tone and the minimal accessories lets the dress speak for itself, and oh what wonderful things it says.

The Bad....

Raven-Symone should be commended for her weight loss, but the dress doesn't do her justice.  The conflicting patterns and fabrics lend an air of Las Vegas showgirl to this outfit and detract from her new body shape.  The bodice is too over-worked with crystals and make it look like someone's Bedazzler went on a rampage.  Kudos to Raven-Symone herself but a big thumbs down on this dress choice!

The Ugly....

Looking more like Elvira and less like a Disney superstar, Selena Gomez's outfit is reminiscent of an ice skater's with its over-the-top lacing and sequins.  This ice skater from Hell look is too mature and the severely done hairdo makes things even worse.  Better luck next time, Selena!

And that's it for this shortened holiday version.  Enjoy time spent with friends and family today and join me again throughout the week for some exciting author visits and even more giveaways!


  1. Love Diane Kruger's dress my first thoughts were also that she looked quite angelic :). I love the colour on Raven's dress but as you say the beading and the conflicting patterns well :/ but I have to say I though her figure here looked quite lovely.

  2. Thanks so much for joining me and commenting today Sandy! I hope that you're enjoying the holiday with lots of relaxation too!

    I absolutely adore Diane's dress! The small bits of sparkle are perfect and the whole outfit is just so fun and girly. I felt that it would make a nice choice for a wedding gown too, for a beachy wedding ideally.

    Raven-Symone should have followed Diane's lead and gone with less is more in the sparkle department. It looks too much like a pageant gown IMO. But her weight loss looks so good on her and she should be commended. The weight she's at now seems perfect, so I wish her luck on maintaining.