Monday, September 19, 2011

Fashion Monday Madness

Today's a big fashion day with last night's Emmy awards airing.  Lots of winners and losers, not only when it comes to the awards themselves but to the outfits the stars wore.  So let's get right to it......

The Good....

Sofia Vergara stole the Red Carpet in this coral colored gown that drapes beautifully to accentuate in all the right places.  The flair at the bottom adds drama to an already glamorous gown.  The hair is sleek and the make-up minimal to highlight those amazing chandelier earrings.  From head to toe Sofia gets an A+!

Another Modern Family star, Sarah Hyland, gets a big thumbs up from me in this winningly coral colored gown that's just right for her age.  Again the draping is perfect as is the bit of dazzle at the waist.  The hair is carefree with understated make-up that doesn't distract from this gorgeous gown.

The Bad....

Julianna Margulies' rubbery dress looks as if breathing in it would be impossible.  It's dominatrix-lite and gives her no shape at all.  The crystal stones on top look like Christmas decorating came early and enhance the overall heaviness to this outfit.  The hair too looks heavy and overloaded with hairspray.  She might have won an Emmy, but it certainly wasn't for this dress.

Jayma Mays looks like a relative of Glenda, the Good Witch, in this childish-looking frilly nightmare.  This is something a young girl would wear to a tea party with her dolls, not a star-studded event.  The color completely washes her out and her body's completely swallowed up by the tiers of tulle.  She plays a germ freak on GLEE and should have treated this dress like the plague and steered way clear of it.

The Ugly....

Instead of carrying a bouquet of flowers down the Red Carpet, Heidi Klum IS a bouquet of flowers in this hot mess of a dress designed by former Project Runway winner Christian Siriano.  The color of this looks like dirty dish water and in a room full of color makes her look like a funeral attendee.  The flowered hem completely overwhelms her and the overall look leaves a failed prom dress aftertaste.  Auf Wiedersehen Heidi!

Actress Eva La Rue must want to be on Dancing With the Stars since her Red Carpet look is definitely cheesy-ballroom in nature.  The color is bland and the overdone embellishments reek of Las Vegas showgirl.  The hair is boring and the lack of noteworthy jewelry gives an overall feel of an ensemble better suited to walking down the aisles of Wal-Mart rather than the Red Carpet.  

That's a wrap for this year's Emmy fashions.  What were some of your faves and flubs from the big show?  Please sound off below.  I'd love to hear what you think!  Join me again next week for more fashion fun.


  1. I love the looks of the Modern Family ladies, too! Great post. I get so excited about awards show fashions.

  2. Sometimes, don't you just think that stylists are secretly trying to see if they can get stars to wear the ugliest thing possible?? Still, it seems nothing can dim Heidi's beauty :)

  3. @Lan - I think you might be right...but when it comes to the fashion donts how is that none of the stars' friends/family/other says anything about the outfit they chose?

  4. Thanks for the comments ladies! I'm an awards show junkie with the non-stop flow of fashion all in one spot. This year there wasn't anything outright awful, but some looks were hugely disappointing. Julianna Margulies normally looks pretty nice, but this year's dress looked uncomfortable. She even had trouble walking up the steps with this tightness of the skirt. But yes, the two Modern Family ladies really stood out for me and they looked happy wearing the gowns too.

  5. Honestly, I think Jayma and Heidi look okay. Jayma's dress is kind of like Hermione's at the Yule Ball, and if Heidi's dress got a little changed (the top, the color), it might be better.

  6. For those that didn't know, Christian Siriano also designed Sarah Hyland's winning dress along with Heidi's frock. What a huge difference between the two!