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Book Tour for Love Thy Neighbor: Roommate Romps by Teagan Hunter (REVIEW)......

Friends to lovers romances are among my favorites...and when you add in the complications of being roommates you get an even more decadently delightful read.  Keep reading to get a tempting taste of Love Thy Neighbor by Teagan Hunter, along with getting my impressions of this charming and sensual tale, which will have you wanting to add this second installment in the Roommate Romps series to your bookshelf!

Don’t fall for your roommate...especially when he’s your best friend.
Cooper Bennett is my best friend. That’s all he is and all he ever will be. Nothing will change that.
Accidentally seeing him naked? Please. So not a big deal.
Having less-than-tame thoughts? I mean, have you seen this guy? Who could blame me? Kissing him? It was a one-time mistake, and it will not be repeated.
Falling into bed with him? Uh-oh...
It’s fine. We’re fine.
We’re Caroline and Cooper. Best friends until the end. Nothing has ever come our way that we couldn’t survive together.
Surely, we can handle this too...




After reading the previous book in this series I was hooked and knew I had to read this installment as the cast of characters inhabiting these books were immensely likable and thoroughly entertaining from the very start.  This author too has found a special place in my heart for her delightful romances full of fun and flirty banter balanced beautifully with steamy interactions that had me rooting for these couples to find their HEA.  This installment brings all of those delights back in a romance that put a permanent smile on my face as I watched Cooper and Caroline FINALLY give into the long-simmering attraction between them. It wasn't always smooth sailing though in a journey that had stops and sputters over the last ten years, but it was definitely a worthwhile one that warmed my heart, steamed up the pages, and gave me many chuckles along the way.

Cooper and Caroline have been closer than close for ten years, ever since her family moved into the house across the street from his. They're opposites in many ways with her being the introverted nerd more comfortable being behind the scenes, while Cooper's the charming extrovert who's always been protective of her.  Throughout the years they've danced around their obvious attraction through decadent moments of almost giving in, but ultimately they never wanted to ruin their friendship.  With Caroline tired of being alone though she signs up for a dating app to end the drought of her physical needs and that decision soon becomes the impetus to their relationship evolving into something more.  It's an evolution that doesn't always go smoothly but because of the strong foundation of their friendship they keep working through every romantic problem along the way.  I enjoyed watching these two become something more, enjoyed the growth I saw in them (particularly Caroline who starts going after her dream job with the support of Cooper), and it made for a feel-good romance that's just what's needed to get through the chaos of the world right now.  From its fun and flirty banter, to its likable and realistic main couple, to appearances by secondary characters that have me longing to return to this world, this is a decadently delightful read that steamed up the pages while putting a permanent smile on my face.  If you haven't yet read Ms. Hunter's books yet...what are you waiting for?

My rating for this is an A.

*I got this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.


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