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Book Tour for The Romantic Pact by Meghan Quinn (REVIEW).......

The theme of friends to lovers is a favorite of mine, and in a story teeming with second chances, I'm even more drawn to its likable characters and emotional reunion after years apart.  Keep reading to get a tempting taste of The Romantic Pact by Meghan Quinn, along with my impressions of it, which will have you wanting to add this second installment in the Kings of Football series to your bookshelf too!

I haven't seen her in three years.
I haven't talked to her since the kiss.
So why am I on a plane, flying across the world to spend a week with her in Germany?
One word: Pops.
My life’s a mess.
My possible football career is hanging on by a thread.
I'm driving the roads of Germany in honor of Pops with the one girl I can never have.
And I’m sharing a bed with her, the girl I've measured everyone else up to, while desperately trying to not to touch her.
We made a pact growing up, never to get romantic with each other - never fall in love.
And I'm about to break that pact. For good.




Meghan Quinn is an author I can always count on when it comes to witty banter and couples whose connection is full of fun and flirty encounters as well as sensual and engaging interactions.  Her latest release does all that and more courtesy of its sentimental storyline involving an old man and his role (even after death) of bringing two friends back into each other's lives.  From charming me one minute, to making me chuckle the next, to pulling at my heartstrings, this ends up the perfect story for the holiday as well as a way to save me from the chaos of the current world.  It's a definite feel-good story that stands strongly on its own and is a satisfying addition to the Kings of Football series!

Crew Smith and Hazel Allen have known each other since they were babies and grew up closer than close....until Hazel let her true feelings for him shine through one night with a kiss that sent him running.  His act broke her heart, but his silence since then hurt even more.  It fractured their close connection and it's one more thing dragging Crew down when it comes to his life and career...which is in a tailspin right now.  After leaving Hazel behind, Crew became a hotshot football player, at the top of his game, and beloved by all. He sacrificed everything to become a star after all.  This season though has been a bust when it comes to football and he's desperate to find a way to fix things.  One of the bright spots in his life (besides Hazel) has always been his granddad Pops, but his recent death has been yet another blow that's left him reeling.  He soon discovers though that Pops planned a trip for him to take, one that will change his life irrevocably as Hazel ends up being his traveling companion...which gives him a second chance at everything.  When readers first meet Crew they see someone a bit arrogant, but still immensely likable as it's clear he's hurting.  He's a devoted young man, sweet and sexy, and it's clear that he misses Pops throughout their journey through Germany.  It's a journey that pulled at my heartstrings while bringing a tear or two to my eye, but it was ultimately uplifting and had me cheering by the end.

Hazel was another bright spot in this story and might possibly be one of my favorite heroines of all time!  She's smart, sassy, and was quick with a snarky rebuttal.  That snark though hid a bruised heart...bruised by Crew long ago.  You couldn't tell how deep the hurt went as she's an adventurous soul who made their journey a lot more entertaining. Because of her their reunion never felt awkward.  They picked up right where they left off as friends, engaging in heartfelt talks with lots of sexual tension bubbling beneath the surface.  Their time away gives them a chance to rebuild their fragile friendship, address the attraction that's always permeated their connection, as well as figuring out where their lives go after the death of Pops.  By the end of their journey I found a reason to cheer in a tale that made me smile while warming my heart.

Throughout their journey they learned a lot about themselves (and each other) as they traveled from one destination to the next and I applaud Ms. Quinn for how delightful their journey was.  The locations were vividly depicted and the reactions from this pair at each new locale were realistic.  Ms. Quinn crafted a vacation right off The Travel Channel and it further immersed me in this couple's HEA.  Pops too left his mark on my heart as a wise and loving man (seen through the notes and letters he left behind) and I constantly felt his presence throughout the storyline as he guided this pair back to each other while helping them find themselves along the way.  Though he's dead he leaves a lasting impression, endearing himself to readers and making this an even richer story. Readers looking for a sweet and satisfying holiday romance, with a bit of steam, will want to find this under their tree courtesy of its delightful banter and heartwarming friends to lovers journey.  Ms. Quinn has proven her talent yet again and I look forward to what she has planned next!

My rating for this is an A.

*I got this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.


USA Today Bestselling Author, wife, adoptive mother, and peanut butter lover. Author of romantic comedies and contemporary romance, Meghan Quinn brings readers the perfect combination of heart, humor, and heat in every book.

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