Sunday, May 13, 2012

Interview With Amber Kallyn Author of Bloodstorm

Amber was at my site yesterday but because of internet issues she was unable to get her interview to me, but today luckily her interview came through so here's my interview with Amber.......

AK:  Thanks so much for having me over today :)

TSP:  How did you get where you are today with your writing career and would you have done anything differently?

AK:  I blame all my success on my writing/critique partners :)

Writing really is a solitary endeavor. The only way, in my experience, to get better is to write more. But then there comes a point I had to share my writing with others. That’s when I found out the specifics on what I needed to do to be a better writer.

TSP:  What is an average day like for you?  Do you set aside specific times to write?

AK:  I do have set times to write--at least, when my kids are in school. I get them ready and off to school, then check email and twitter. Then it’s my writing time. I usually work for about 4 hours, or until I hit my goals. The kids have summer vacation in a week, eek! Then it will be whenever I can get them quiet and reading and snatch a bit of writing time :)

TSP:  Your books are mostly paranormal in nature, what draws you to the genre and why do you think readers enjoy the genre so much?

AK:  Well, I’m a huge reader of the paranormal. It’s what I’ve always loved to read because mythology and the supernatural call to me. I love learning about new myths.

Also, I think the draw is that paranormal stories, at their essence, tend to be about good versus evil. We see this in our everyday lives, but in stories, there are characters who can kick evil’s ass and help make the world a better place.

TSP:  Of the books you've written, which couple is your favorite and why?  And in general, what qualities makes a literary couple great?

AK:  Wow. That’s a hard one, because I love all my characters. If I had to choose, I would say it’s a tie between the couple in my first published novel, Dragos: Burned, and the couple in Bloodstorm, my current release.

Both women, now that I think about it, have pasts which damaged them. Neither want a relationship. Yet, the heros in both books know exactly what these women need and manage to persuade them into accepting a happily ever after and true love :)

Sigh. Who wouldn’t love that, LOL.

TSP:  How has the digital revolution affected your career and how you market yourself?  Do you yourself have an eReader?

AK:  Layered question :) It’s impacted my career in numerous and wonderful ways. My first published book was a novella length story, picked up by an electronic publisher. Before the E-revolution, that wouldn’t have been possible. Now, I’ve broadened out to indie publishing, which allows me full control of the publishing aspect.

I do have an e-reader, I have a Kindle. It’s a bit old, but works great for reading :)

TSP:  What can you tell us about Bloodstorm?  Is it a stand-alone or a series starter?

AK:  Bloodstorm is a story about a woman with revenge on her mind, who once she finds her soul mate, must choose between that revenge and love. It is the beginning of a series. My muse tends to plot in series, LOL. But, it can be read alone as its own story.

TSP:  What do you have coming up next with your writing?  Any secret intel you can share with us?

AK:  I’m currently editing Hungerstorm, book #2 in the series. It will be released this summer. I’ll share a secret, since so many people have emailed me hoping for Jordan’s story. He is the hero in book 2 :)

TSP:  Where is your favorite place to write, right now?  If you could write anywhere in the world, what would be your dream writing haven?

AK:  Right now, my favorite (and most productive) place to write is anywhere not at home, LOL. If I could write anywhere, it would be a secluded glen someplace in Scotland, where the temperature is always overcast, slightly breezy and in the low 80’s.

TSP:  My site is all about favorite things.  What are some of your favorite things, the things you can't live without?

AK:  I can’t live without: My kids, writing, my cats, coffee, chocolate... and sleep :)

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