Thursday, May 17, 2012

Review for Priceless by Cat Grant

When love’s for sale, who really pays?

Connor Morrison is a 3-D optics pioneer, the star of the UC Berkeley physics department, and a socially inept workaholic. And with his dear friend and business partner, Steve Campbell, handling their investors, he’s content to remain in the shadows. That is, until he meets the gorgeous and starry-eyed physics student Wes Martin.

Wes is brilliant but broke. Ever since his scholarship fell victim to the financial crisis, he's had no choice but to sell his body to stay in school. Already half in love with Connor, Wes initially resists Steve's offer to be Connor's thirty-fifth birthday present. But in the end, Wes is too broke—and too smitten—to say no.

Connor has no idea Steve bought Wes’s attentions, and he quickly falls under the young man’s spell. Yet after one night together, Wes disappears. He can't bear to hook with a man he could so easily grow to love, but he also can’t bear to tell him the truth. Besides, if he sleeps with Connor again, there'd be no way to hide the bruises one of his regular johns loves to inflict. Only one thing to do: let Connor go. Walking away is painful, but not nearly as much as building a relationship on lies.


Cat Grant again brings us a highly emotional read that's over before you know it.  In Priceless, a young man with his whole future in turmoil starts selling himself to men who care nothing for his heart and soul until he spends the night with overly studious Connor who shows Wes his first real taste of affection.  After a brief time apart it's Connor to the rescue when Wes' life goes spiraling out of control.

This was a quick read that packed a big punch.  With its likable characters and realistic situations it's easy to become immersed in this book while rooting for Wes and Connor.  Wes is young and feels invincible and in total control of his life until things slowly start unraveling and he ends up at the mercy of a truly evil man who transforms Wes from exuberant and fun to withdrawn and terrified.  It was difficult seeing this change in Wes and even more difficult seeing what he was going through with no foreseeable way out.  Connor was definitely the more mature one in their relationship.  He's totally devoted to his work and doesn't really experience life because of it.  This is why Wes was a great match for him.  He dragged Connor into the real world and I liked seeing this assertive side to him.  He and Wes were a perfect yin and yang and brought each other out of their self-imposed shells.  Not only was their connection out of the bedroom satisfying, but their sexual interludes were equally satisfying and perfectly spaced throughout the story.

This was a well-written story that put a modern twist on the Pretty Woman theme.  I'd love to revisit this couple, especially if it means finding someone to tame wild man Steve who totally intrigued me with his brief appearances.  Cat Grant has added another satisfying installment to Riptide Publishing's Rentboy Collection and I look forward to what comes next.

My rating for this is a B.

*I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest opinion.

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