Saturday, August 25, 2012

New Who In One Week!!

As a die-hard Whovian I mark my calendar by when the new seasons start and one week from today is the premiere of Season 7 of Doctor Who and the tearful farewell of the Ponds.  Amy and Rory have been a wonderful companion and juxtaposition to The Doctor's powers.  I'm sad to see them go, but excited for the wide-eyed innocence of the new companion.  Before we say goodbye to the Ponds during episode 5 (so the speculation says) there will be an online serial starting Monday through the remainder of the week entitled Pond Life.  So all you fellow Whovians, are you going to miss the Ponds?  And in all the history of Who, who's your favorite companion?  For me it was Donna.  Her and The Doctor had such an equal relationship, they were truly friends and I think she gave him the biggest run for his money, constantly keeping him on his toes.

To get you through the week, here's the latest trailer featuring bits from Season 7.  Catch the new season airing Sept 1st at 8 pm CST on BBC America!

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