Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Book Cover Reveal for Sex on the Seats by Elise Faber.......

 Readers will be drawn to this combustible tale of finding love when you least expect it.  Keep reading to get a tempting glimpse of Sex on the Seats by Elise Faber, then start counting down the days until this fourth installment in the Love After Midnight series hits bookshelves on April 26th!

I didn’t know what I was doing in a bar at midnight.
On a weeknight.
Certainly not sleeping, even though I had to work the next day. Definitely not open to talking with anyone, or trying to pick up a date.
Surely...not paying the least bit of attention to the beautiful bartender with gorgeous hazel eyes and a body built for sin. He’d flash a smile and the women around him melted. He’d chuckle and even I wasn’t immune to the silken way it slid down my spine. And I was singular. I didn’t pay attention to men (and yes, I said that as a filthy, four-letter word).
I existed by myself. For myself.
It was safer that way.
Then...he talked to me. Then...he flashed that smile my way.
Then he made me want a stranger more than I wanted my careful distance.
Oh. Hell.


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