Sunday, July 8, 2012

Review for Reckless by Cheryl Douglas

As a publicist, Avery Collins knows that mixing business with pleasure is a recipe for disaster so she has one rule. Her bedroom is off limits to clients, no matter how enticing and persistent they may be.

Ty McCall is country music’s newest rising star, but he needs the best team in the business to help him make it to the top. That team includes Avery, who gave him the most unforgettable night of his life only to disappear the next morning.

Avery agrees to work with him, but Ty isn’t willing to settle for a professional relationship with the woman of his dreams. Can this sexy cowboy convince her that rules were made to be broken?


As the fourth book in the Nashville Nights series it was like revisiting family seeing familiar faces from previous installments.  These familiar faces kept the story interesting and me fully invested in a storyline that sometimes veered a bit too far into the realm of soap opera.

Avery Collins let her guard down only once in her life which led to a memorable one night stand that she has yet to forget.  Avery's childhood was full of loneliness and an unfaithful father which has left her distrustful of men and their motivations and ending every relationship when things start getting serious.  Of all the characters in the book, next to two villainous females, I found Avery the most annoying with her constant distrust even when the truth is right in front of her.  She was constantly leading Ty on with her hot and cold emotions and while angry with him for keeping lies, kept one big one of her own.  Her reasons for doing so were rather ridiculous and didn't feel believable.  For being the older one in this relationship, she acted the most immature.  With as wonderful as Ty was, he deserved a much better mate.

Ty McCall has never been able to forget Avery after their one night together and has searched for her everywhere.  He knows that she's the one and tells her that from the moment they reconnect.  Ty is a good guy whose many selfless acts are to help others.  He was very forgiving and supportive of Avery no matter how badly she treated him.  Even though they had many petty arguments outside the bedroom incited by Avery, their sexual relationship in the bedroom was very equitable and super steamy.  Too bad they couldn't always stay in the

The introduction of JT, Ty's brother, has me excited for the next book.  JT is charming and loyal to his family and quite the suave bull rider.  It should be interesting seeing the kind of woman to tame him and dig deeper into the McCall family who have connections to other characters in the Nashville Nights series.

When it comes to the hero of this story, Ty can't be beat.  He's one of my faves from all those Ms. Douglas has created for this series thus far.  He was sexy and selfless and I wish the heroine chosen for him had been more worthy of his affections.  The weak heroine didn't take away from my enjoyment of this story though and I'm excited to discover another drool-worthy hero as JT McCall becomes the focus of the next book in this series.

My rating for this is a B-

*I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest opinion.

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